I was born on 3 June 1999 in Beauvais, in Oise. My family is not and has never been in the world of art and graphic design. So I, like all children, drew in my childhood without more ambition in this field. I enjoyed this activity very much, so I continued growing, and I thus improved. I like to say that everyone knows how to draw as a child. Those who continue become better, that’s all.
I followed a classical course, until high school where I choose to study Engineering Sciences, option Digital Sciences... Far from the graphics... Yes, as you will continue to see, I have a rather atypical background.
So I got my SI baccalaureate with honors, and then I went to Amiens for a law degree. I realize during the year that it is not for me, that I want more fantasy, to create things with my head and my hands. This is how I entered the ESAD Amiens for a DNA Graphic Design. I entered there entirely self-taught. It is during the second year (largely confined) that I develop my style, the graphic design that I like to do above all: colorful, cheerful, with a lot of thick typographies without serif, playing with shapes, layouts.
During the third year, I started as a freelance graphic designer, in parallel with my studies. I’m in the process of preparing my final year three submission for graduation.